this has been the best valentine's day ever. it started on wednesday, and went straight thru to friday, with a five hour nap in between for good measure.

Wednesday, 02.13.02
got up, went to class, went to werk, went to class, went to coffeehell. i'd lost my guitarist tuesday night, and so he was written out of Into the Heart of the Whole, and i had to replace him. so, i grabbed this adorable little illustrator i'd met a few weeks before, and turned him into a tiefling for the occasion. i read the chapter, preceded, ov course, by the list of people who stand out in my mind:

  • mitchell, for sticking by me after i hurled on his floor all those years ago
  • damien, for doing all those things i meant to do in highschool, and letting me live vicariously
  • princess, for knowing when to get me drunk
  • agate, for not leaving me alone when i'm moping
  • salem, for inciting me to riot
  • starrynight, for being the voice of sanity in my wilder moments
  • cap'n mollie, for sticking with me through some of the worst shit a person has ever endured
  • all of my brothers, for various things
  • mom, for not killing me
  • the coffee boys, for coffee, bagels, and wang jokes, and for putting up with me when i say things like "water me, coffeeboy!"
  • and mike, who owes me six bucks and has been a total dickhead for two days, i love you anyway, you little shit.
some guy had a seizure in the middle of salem's act. it was...entertaining. i wound up taking the illustrator home with me, and we drank ourselves silly, stayed up all night, and had a jolly good time.

Thursday, 02.14.02
made college casserole for breakfast, and the illustrator walked me to werk, where i drifted in and out of consciousness for four and a half hours. i tried to study for the test i had to take, but i passed out into my book, and was woken up by someone else in my class. i ran into the room, apologised for being late, and took the exam. i remember none of it. thankfully, my mom had picked up the sushi order, and clovis and agate brought sake...six of us sat around eating sushi and candy hearts and slowly getting pissassed. clovis and agate left first, leaving me alone with the assassin, the illustrator, and salem. i hadda sit about and look smug for a bit. we threw candy hearts, mercilessly cuddled my kitten, and listened to lush. it was too good. then the assassin took off; having to go to class inna morning is a bitch. salem eventually wound down some, after some silly photos and a good discussion of cartoons and comics, and he wandered off to occupy my bed for an hour before going to get his mom from werk and writing a paper. that left me and my illustrator. we killed off the sake, talked about sex and death, and drank some ginseng before finally deciding that we needed a nap. it was, hands down, the most refreshing nap yet this year.

Friday, 02.15.02
got up with this weird stabbing pain in my chest, and a handful of mosquito bites. the illustrator and i sat about and talked about strange and silly things, until i noticed that my arm itched...perhaps the mosquito lived on, and had continued to chew on me. no...wait, the itch was spreading up my hand, and my wrist had begun to swell. i was having a nasty allergic reaction to some totally unknown variable. i threw myself into the shower, furiously trying to wash off ... whatever it was; thankfully it worked. we managed a nice breakfast of poor man's mulligatawny, and he walked me to werk. in the lunacy surounding my random allergy, i had ditched my first class of the day. oh well. fuck 'em.