I open the door and you are there.
You're smiling, arms out to be cuddled.

I'm wearing my best smile, and squashing down the unreasonable resentment I feel.
I step forward into your arms and...

"What's wrong?"

You always see.
No matter what Happy Face I choose to wear, you pierce it in seconds.

It's... confusing for me.
Like so much about Us.

Confusing, and challenging, and ecstatic.

For the first time in my life...
I'm not steering.
I can't choose just where we're going, how we'll be.

I'm not pushing. Not leading.
Just walking side by side with someone I love.

I'm awed.

It's scary when things change, even when the change is good.

My mask has always been impervious...
Until now.
I feel naked without it.

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