the tap water is crunchy today.

so no shit, here i am, finally writing that goddamn ten page treatise on the influence of pauline christology on the writings of walter hilton...and i recall, quite suddenly, that i don't particularly like *either* author. damn, this makes me grumpy.

in other news, i'm about to be put on academic probation, and lose all my financial aid. i guess taht would be the universe (or the university) telling me to quit fucking around, and get my goddamn degree already... :)

party's still on tho! it will be most amusing to have Starrynight in my living room, once again, for the second time in as many years. *sigh* i hope the music doesn't make him dissolve, like the wicked witch of the west. with this one, i can never be sure. slide has made it to austin and is looking into means of getting to albuquerque. the prospect of borrowing slide for xmas, of course, makes my toes tingle. w00t. this is gonna be one hell of a party. i just hope i can find good eggplant at this time of year...