Ok, kids, Jane has decided to get wackier than usual this year, and instead of inviting the three people who haven't shown up to a gathering since 1997, she's inviting all of you poor noders with nowhere better to go for the holidays!

When: December 24-26, 2001
Due to a complete lack of response from anyone besides Starrynight, I have decided to move the gathering to the weekend after Xmas, December 28 - 30.

Where: Albuquerque, NM, Jane's place. (call for directions)

What to Bring: bring yourself! bring things to play with! bring something unexpected! bring your favourite drinkable substance!

mmmm...Jane will be cooking for this party, and as anyone who has eaten her food can tell you, it's gonna be some good stuff! The menu at this point contains Sultan's Delight (an eggplant dish), spiced lentils, home-made sweet potato pie, and various appetizers, upon which I have yet to decide.

The guests so far include Starrynight, slide, databeast, and a handful of locals you've prolly only heard of if you read my daylogs; descriptions follow. (yes, I slipped the two noders into this list.)

  • Freshwater biologist, loves music with a crushing beat, esp. VNV Nation.
  • Former Qwest exec, likes B&D, loves leather, digs absurd music (think Negativland)
  • College student from California, finds TV/TS fascinating.
  • Bishounen, rides a motorcycle, makes kick-ass music. Strongly moral, for this crowd.
  • Spiritualist social engineer, likes old Sioxie and the Banshees, plays cards well.
  • Math geek turned poli-sci major, loves to cook, bellydances.
  • EMT, brewer, gun collector.
  • Art professor, mac geek, likes tequila, loves Invader Zim.
  • Various guys in kilts.
It'll be a wild party for sure, but we're still light on noders!

Updates to this data will be made as time goes on. (11.28.01)

UPDATE: got word from slide that he will be nearby during the event and may even drop by! *gasp*
UPDATE: Apatrix is a cointoss away from our gathering...or the other gathering...(c'mon tails!)
UPDATE: Woohoo! Piter is trying to make it out here!

UPDATE: (12.19.01) No further word from Piter, Apatrix has decided to spend the holiday alone, and slide is trapped in Austin, TX. *sigh*

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