I accompanied my boyfriend, my sister, and three of her friends to the Poteet Strawberry Festival here in Texas. It's a time for arts & crafts, funnel cake, carni-folk, and that delicious fruit known as strawberries.

We got there around 1:00 CST, and the nice folks who drove the tractor gave us a ride from the parking lot to the venue. We walked around the various booths. There was your standard carni-fare: World's Smallest Horse!, Three-Headed Woman!, and the man with his monkey. We stopped at a particular pavilion that had 4 tigers and 2 cubs. They let people take their pictures with the tiger cubs for only $10. This was probably the most depressing part of the day. Seeing the cubs growl and try to get out of being held by countless numbers of strange people while they get the flash of a camera in their eyes every few minutes or so. Almost gives a person the urge to open the fence where the big tigers were and see what would happen to the people trying to hold the cub. Almost.

My boyfriend and I had a funnel cake. While we were tearing this sweet peice of confection apart, the wind started blowing, getting the powdered sugar all over both of us. Our pants were dotted, it looked like we had gotten in a paintball war with mini-guns and only white paint. We walked through the games, avoiding such calls as, "Ladies get the first shot free!" and "Men, let me show you how it's done! Win a prize for your lady!", and made our way to the rides. My sister and I rode a few of them. The scariest was the one that flipped us a few times, backwards and forwards, and made creaking noises while doing so. Very baad creaking noises. Not very comforting when you're putting your life in the hands of a cold, creaking machine. I also bungee-jumped for the first time (See also The All-Purpose, Carni-Folk, Slingshot Bungee).

We left the festival, and proceeded back to one of my sister's friends' house for a bar-b-que. We were all sunburnt and tired by this point. And mostly just talked light conversation and gave attention to her friends' 5 cats. They played country music, and I haven't listened to country since I was a little girl. It's a rare thing indeed. But I learned that it's actually not so bad when in the company of your significant other and aquaintaces which you hardly know. It mysteriously offers up a friendly environment.

Ah, I'd say the day was good. And I'd say more about it were I not so tired and sleepy. The food was good, the company was pleasant, and I'm left with some happy memories and a really bad tanline.