I'm down in the dumps, crouched right next to the corpse of my halcyon days. Been that way for some time now. No holiday, livin' in a city that is emphatically landlocked, short on dough, I work my ass off for what seems like a busker's pension, and I seem to be running short on female companionship at a time when my hormones are dancing 'round their respective Sombreros. To boot, I'm starting to feel the bite of inadequacy around the younger crowd e.g. "Linkin' Park is actually Lincoln Park you know". They stare at me "like a dog that's just been shown a card trick" (B. Hicks).

I find music to be quite therapeutic during these times when my neurotransmitters decide to head for the hills. So here's a little playlist for those who need a boost.

Just to give it a name:

Summer Fits

There you have it. Please keep in mind, my musical taste is not a parched pendulum flailing between kitsch 80's ballads and things.