Ok, my sleeping's been a little off-kilter lately. So I just woke up from this really odd dream, where I was in an episode of Murder She Wrote. And not only was Jessica herself there, but all the peripheral characters too: Seth, and the police chief. How does that woman keep her nerve episode after episde? I'd be having a nervous breakdown if everywhere I went someone got murdered. One dream was enough to make me have to try sleeping with the lights on!

It's late at night. Myself & Jessica are snooping around the upstairs of this creepy, old New England house. We open one of the old heavy, creaky wooden bedroom doors, and inside, behind the netting on a large four-poster bed, Jessica finds the old woman who owns the house, lying dead, strangled to death. unphased, Jessica takes my hand, leads me out of the room, and down the stairs (the hairs on the back of my nick stiffening all the time in anticipation of a pair of hands encircling my neck from behind). When we get to the bottom step of the staircase, we hear the sound of a car pulling up on the gravel path outside the front doorway. Jessica freezes, as do I. Through the opaque glass of the front door, we see Sherrif Chubb emerge from his car (because that's what happens in "Murder She Wrote"; the Sherrif always turns up, unsolicited, to the scene of the crime!). Then, as the soundtrack to my dream becomes more intense and the string section come into full flow, we see a threatening figure, obscured by the patterned glass, round the back of the police car and come up behind the Sherrif outside the front door. Jessica seems calm, but I realise I haven't breathed in two minutes. Tension is at its highest point, and I wake up. What an odd dream. I wasn't even watching "Murder She Wrote" today, though I have been known to spend my unemployed afternoons looking forward to it! There's something of the "so bad it's good" about it.