Conventional Education

Sometimes refered to as 'traditional education', 'school education', 'textbook education' or even 'schoolbook education', conventional education is a method of teaching, which is at the root of by far most modern schools. It puts a high emphasis on textbook knowledge and repetition of facts. A second emphasis is on discipline, though this particular aspect of the method has seen a steady decline during the last decades.

In theory, the rapid improvements within psychology and especially cognitive science have cleared the way for alternate forms and philosophies in education, and most teachers being educated today have a deep knowledge and moral incentives to implement these findings to create a 'New School', in which discipline and repetition take a back seat to creative thinking and respect for individual motivation. However, both teachers and students often cite bureaucratic and academic inflexibility as an overwhelming obstacle to this end. As a consequence, 'conventional' education is often the Bad Guy of educational design, and most schools etc. try to apply different improved methods. None seem to set a new, broad standard yet, though.