The title to this node can be taken rather more literally, too. Police across Europe have recently started discovering guns disguised as mobile phones during arms dealing raids. Naturally, these can be easily sneaked into clubs, government offices and other areas where visitors are frisked for weapons.

The gun looks identical to a relatively modern mobile phone, but weighs far more. It contains four .22 bullets which are fired by pushing a keypad button, with the connect button used to expel empty shells. At close range, these guns are assuredly lethal, but apparently the accuracy is so tremendously poor that hitting your target is pot-luck.

Apparently these weapons are arriving from Russia and former East-Block countries, where the Russian Mafia have been using them as weapons in mob hits. Police in the UK fear they'll flood into the country, as the undetectable Saturday Night Special of choice.

Could be the making of a really good practical joke, though.