A derogatory term for a pager or beeper. This is due to the idea that the beeper is a guaranteed means of someone being able to get in contact with the person in posession of the said device. Typically the beeper is bestowed upon the victim by either their place of employment, or by a over protective boyfriend or girlfriend.

Example scenario:

You're free! You have a free moment to do what you want! Get away from your girlfriend! Go to the arcade! Run away! I can.... beep beep beep beep ... (check beeper) ... oh.. my girlfriend is paging me. Better call her back before she gets angry (which you'll never hear the end of).
It is Saturday and you're going to have a nice relaxing day doing nothing..... beep beep beep beep .. oh.. server is down.. gotta go into the office and take care of this.

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