A myth of the modern world.

There is so much in the news, and in lessons at school such as science, where we are told about people losing jobs to huge automation projects, and how this is putting communities out of work. That, you'd think any factory or warehouse you go to would be full of robots, gadgets, and labour free production lines.

The shocking truth is, that just about anything can be done faster, better and cheaper by employing minimum wage staff. Its almost slave labor in many places, and companies don't like to make an issue about its depressed and opressed casual labour force. Where as a company that spends a few million on its Widget-O-Matic needs to get as much press as it can, at which point, unions and workers counter argue how they are losing their livelyhood and so, more press comes here.

But these cases are pretty few in the grand scheme of things. And its a pretty depressing idea that people still need to be reduced to doing mind numbing jobs to pay their bills.