I masturbate in the shower. I have no problem admitting that. Now you may think this is not a huge concern of mine, considering the subject of shower masturbation is of minimal controversy anywhere outside of my shower, but I have grown to associate showers with masturbation. Whenever someone tells me that they will be taking a shower, the first thing that pops into my head is, "Oh, they're going to go masturbate." And then I think about that some more.

Even worse is what happens when I take showers somewhere not in my house. Masturbation has become such a routine for me in there, that my body is actually dismayed when it learns it will not be getting any "wild hot shower action" tonight. Such things have brought me a step closer to hate taking showers. And because I also have to shave my legs in the shower, it means even more of my time in that tub of evil. Oh joy.