Three dreams. In the first one, I had conjured a time machine. On the phone with my boyfriend, I also procured this clone of him and held it up to the time machine. The time machine, as long as you weren't in the room while it completed the process would only change the person attached to the machine, not the environment. So Ben changed into a one year-old. I cradled him in my arms for a while and then I decided I wanted to see him play baseball (this is kind of weird) and asked him how old I would have to turn him to see that. So, not listening, I turned him into a 3 or 4 year-old. After this, I asked him what he needed to be in the baseball game and he told me about this uniform of his and that he always took a bath before a game. So I held him up and said, "Okay Ben, I'm going to let you take a shower," and we both laughed because everyone knows 3 year-old kids can't take showers.

I turned on the tap and let water fill up the bath tub and I took off his clothes and looked down at his body, sitting in my lap. He couldn't talk--or at least he didn't say anything. He still kind of looked like a baby. Older Ben, on the phone still, told me he would send his mom after his uniform and had to get off the phone.

So I left baby Ben unattended and headed off towards his house, knowing that there were other parts to the uniform aside from the actual jersey and pants. So I picked up a pair of boxers and some socks and stuffed them into a juice can.

Finally his mom showed up at my school and handed me the uniform. I dressed baby Ben up in an oversized uniform and held him up before me. He smiled. This entire time, we were in my bathroom. I kept having problems with the time machine, and it accidently turned on while I was still in the room.

We visited this trailer full of men and women. Some were talking about how they just went down to Walmart. No one knew I was there. They just looked straight through me.

I came back and someone told me I could see my future, but thinking I would die in a couple of years or so, I didn't want to take advantage of this. But I somehow saw another me hold the machine to her chin and look at herself as she was 18 (which is less than a year from now). She didn't look any different. I kept thinking 18 was a long time from now. The problem with the 18-year-old Aimee was her heart. It had an irregular heart beat and I could hear it from five feet away.

I decided I would go back in time with myself and I went back to the night I was born. I was back at that trailer again with all the men and women, only this time there was a baby there. A woman was holding the baby up and laughing. She asked someone holding a video camera, "You're not filming all of this, right?" The man holding the camera responded, "No," to which she said, "Good, because I want this to be interesting."

I decided to leave then.

When I came back, I stopped bothering the time machine. The baby Ben was gone.

The second dream involved an airplane.

I was going on a plane to Japan. While boarding on the plane, the flight attendent told us about all the important people on the flight. When I turned around, I saw a nun and a bunch of children. Then I did soomething completely unlike me, I began to look for Arabs on the plane. I thought I saw one. I was worried because there were so many important people on this plane. The plane had to ascend higher than domestic flights for some reason. It was on an almost vertical slope.

We eventually got to Japan, but we had to switch pilots and I was chosen as one. Only I didn't know enough about piloting to do it so I stepped out and they told me the flight was cancelled just because they were now missing a third pilot. Everyone was angry at me. I woke up.

Now my third dream. A Simpsons dream. Homer and Bart. Bart keeps referring to his genitalia as something like "grubs and nuts" or something. He sits in the shower exposing his genitals, only he is concerned because he thinks this lacks masculinity. Homer comes in and talks to him about it. So he begins to call the genitals something else. Only I don't know what, but he spraypainted it on a road sign. I woke up.