Life is most confusing. After a few weeks of swearing I was not going to get involved with another woman for a good long time, I'm losing my resolve. I don't want to get back into dysfuctional bullshit like last time, and I think I have things figured out, but then she smiles, and everything seems different for one instant. Arrrgh! I am defenseless before the evil powers af the female sex!

Fencing is starting to get really interesting. We're getting into unknown attacks and defense (ie you don't know what your opponent is going to do). We started wearing full protective gear today, it's like trying to fight in a band uniform and a catcher's mask. Oh well, it beats getting poked in the eye with a foil.

I logged in today, and noticed that E2 nuke request is now called E2 deletion request. Haven't we taken this PC crap far enough already? I can see being offended by the term "XP pack rape", but what's wrong with the "nuke request"? Are we changing to be more sensitive to persons of an irradiated nature? What's next, renaming the Epicenter nodelet to be more sensitive to Bay Area noders? Let us keep our violent metaphors in peace, reinstate the nuke request.