Two days after the election, and we still have no clue who the next president of the United States will be. According to CNN, Bush (shrub) is leading, but by a mere 340 votes, with 4 counties left to report. Somehow I suspect that whichever candidate wins will still claim a "mandate from the people", no matter how narrow the margin is.

After going weeks without using my daily allotment of C!s, I expended both of mine today within 5 minutes. *Sigh* I need more writeups, so I can have a few more cool points to hand out.

If anyone cares, I think I finally solved that damnable problem with my voodoo3 card drawing random lines to the screen. It seems to be heat-related, so I left the side panel off the Highwind's case, and it's behiving much better now. Not the most elagent solution, but cheaper than another case fan.