I got called into work today to cover for my friend. She won't be in until Friday now. See, her brother got hurt a couple of nights ago and she's gone to the hospital to be with him.

It appears that while he was waiting for his uncle to get a soda at a local 7-11, these three guys came up with a gun and made him drive to some other place, where they pistol whipped him and left him for.....well..left him and took the car. She is scared. I am scared.

The world has gone crazy. I don't watch the news because every other story is about some other case of anthrax. death, violence, sickness. Bad news overload. Occasionally I pick up the paper, I find myself avoiding the front page, opting for the entertainment section and then the want ads instead. I go looking for things that are light. Moments that make life worth living.

It rained today. First rain in months here. I danced in it. I danced to feel the moment. I danced to push the crud away for a while. I danced to get wet, and breathe in life. I needed that.

My daughter wrote something today. She is writing poetry now. Chip off the ole block. It made me cry, a good kind of cry. Know what I mean?

She is … Poem

She is…
A respectable, hard worker
Funny, a friend

She is…

As kind as a kitten
As clever as a cougar
Never forgets

She is…

A comforting mother
A responsible teacher
A smart student

She is…

Always honest
Rarely has nothing to say
Always has a pencil at hand

She is…

My mom