I am embarrassed to even propagate this, however, being that this falls well within the subject of this node I shall continue. So, here you have it; in the rear window of a less than new pickup truck, there were two phrases. Behind the driver the decal said "My balls" and behind the passenger (we will assume it is intended for a lady, due to the silhouette on the mud flaps) it said "your chin". Oddly enough our dear Romeo did not have a female companion in the passenger seat, nor have I seen any passenger with him, ever. I have seen this eyesore multiple times. I do not understand why this "gentleman" never has a lady friend riding shotgun. The level of class projected by our self-styled ladies man should be more than enough to pick up a young aristocrat. I mean shouldn't something like this present a certain, shall I say je ne sais quoi. Or maybe his better half (not hard to be the better in this case) is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, being the good little subordinate female he seems to desire so. I would like to note that I despise other males who treat women with such a level of disrespect and dishonor, maybe chivalry is dead. Maybe our protagonist can answer why it's rude to open a door for a woman. I happen to believe that all women are beautiful in their own way, with the possible exception or Oprah or Courtney Love.