Jamie Delano was born in glamorous Northampton, England. After a youth spent variously getting stoned, selling books, driving taxis and getting more stoned, Delano realised his childhood ambition of becoming a writer at the age of 29, when he was introduced to an editor at Marvel Comics UK. Soon after that, he was supplementing his cabbie income with prose stories for The Mighty World of Marvel Monthly.

In 1985 he began writing comics proper, producing a years' run on Captain Britain, the sister comic to Captain America (and the comic upon which Alan Moore cut his mainstream teeth).

After a little work on Dr. Who monthly for Marvel UK, Delano crossed over to the Distinguished Competition to write Hellblazer, a UK-based spin-off of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. Delano took John Constantine, Swamp Thing's trenchcoated, chainsmoking mystic, and used him to explore contemporary British political and social problems. As the series progressed, Delano's concerns about the fragility of the ecology in the face of Western Capitalism became more and more pronounced.

These anxieties would be further explored in his Animal Man issues, then later in Ghost Dancing (the climax of which has nature rising up against humanity) and The Horrorist (John Constantine finds himself facing down the spirit of third world pain).

He is now a grandfather.


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  • 2002: "CHILD'S PLAY" for 9-11 VOLUME 2 (DC Comics)