The new Clié N710C is now coloured with 8mb internal memory, 8mb memory stick, and a 4mb flash memory rather than 2mb. It's still the same size and still operates on Palm OS 3.5. The technicalities are also similar to the previous handheld Clieé.

Sony has added a built-in MP3 player playing both mp3 and ATRAC3 files. The CLIÉ™ handheld also comes with a hold switch, to turn the LCD screen off while listening to music to avoid unnecessary battery drain. The resolution on this new handheld is 320 x 320 pixels and supports 8 bit 256 colours. This is better than most other handhelds by hewlett packard, casio, etc which only has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

CLIÉ™ also comes with really nice Sony street headphones as well as a remote control which is similar to the one included with Sony's MiniDisc Player. The only bad thing about it is that it does not include enough memories for most of it's "additional" abilities. To be able to use the MP3 player, we are forced to buy another memory stick with at least 32mb memory which is quite expensive. But with enough memory the CLIÉ™ is not only able to play mp3s but also video clips, play games, etc. It is also a nice silver and is sleeker than the previous CLIÉ™ handheld.