A PDA that closely resembles a Palm IIIxe, and even runs the same operating system. It features 8MB of RAM, 2MB of flash ROM for OS upgrades, and the usual suite of Palm applications. It is made by Technology Resource Group, a company made famous in the Palm community by selling third-party memory upgrades for the Palm III and Palm IIIxe devices.

But wait, there's more!

The TRGpro is the only PalmOS handheld to include a CompactFlash slot. Using a program called AutoCF, included with the unit, users can run programs and access databases directly from a CompactFlash card. It even supports the über-cool IBM Microdrive for wicked large storage capacity.

Unfortunately, TRG is a company with less mindshare than either Palm or Handspring, and so does not get the recognition it deserves for its handheld devices. For the true geek, however, the TRGpro is an excellent toy. I want one!

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