Budbrain was a Danish Amiga demo group that specialized in what has become known as crazy demos or wild demos. The two members Psycho (coding, previously of Alphawave Association) and Diablo (music) made only two demos in 1990 and 1991.

Both demos were multi-part, with short loading sequences. The first (and most successful), Budbrain Megademo I, featured an interpretation of the popular (Danish) dance hit Kaos by Dr. Baker. The main storyline in the demo was a robber getting shot in the head. It also featured the first recorded occurance of rapping chickens. The second, Budbrain Megademo II showed Hugo the Troll, a morning-show type computer-game character, hung for the murder of Madonna, to the theme of Twin Peaks. Also featured in this demo was 'Africa', another music-video style sequence.

The Budbrains were disliked by the elite sceners, probably because of their silly style that could be interpreted as mocking the scene. Flash Production even went so far as to mock Budbrain in a demo, the name of which is unknown to me at this point.

Audited February 19, 2002, much thanks go to break for extra info.