I'm a synesthete. I see colours and movement in sounds, and all my letters and numbers have different colours. 'A' is light blue, C is a soft green, L is yellow, I is deep blood-red. Carneluine is a soft yellowish-green, like water, or long grass.
I see colours and patterns in music, in sounds and speech, in people's names, in the way they talk. I've heard of people who can smell or taste sounds, too. I can't. That would be interesting.
There's a whole lot of other stuff associated with synesthesia, too - apparently most synesthetes have very little sense of direction (which fits me perfectly), and it's also thought that a lot of them are above average intelligence. I don't know if that fits me. Most likely not.
I don't usually talk about this much, though, because I think people might think I'm being weird.