9:20 AM EST -- I'm a weak man

Damme! Even after I TOLD myself not to go to Burger King for breakfast over and over again yesterday, I went ahead and did it again! Bugger me! Ah, well. At least I have the physics homework done that's due today. That's relieving. Now, the only class I'm officially confused in is math modelling. I'll work on that.

3:00 PM EST -- They ain't meowing

For a short period of time, all cat-related activities in the house were brought to a grinding halt when the food ran out. After peaceful negotiations with the members of the feline race within the premesis, cat food was purchased and activities resumed.

6:15-ish PM EST -- AUDIT!

Guess what... Well, sensei already knows, he dealt with it -- More node auditing for me! Only three more nukes today, but now I'm also working on rewriting nodes which deserve some rewriting... such as 13-year-olds who think 100 lines is a lot of code, or so...