Kaman H-2 Seasprite

The Kaman H-2 Seasprite has been the primary rescue, utility and anti-submarine warfare helicopter for the U.S. Navy since late 1959

The Kaman H-2 Seasprite first flew on July 2, 1959, as both a ship-borne rescue and utility helicopter. The type entered service in early 1960 and since has undergone continuous development and upgrading. The first model, the UH-2A was first modified in the early 1960s to the UH-2C standard with the addition of a second turboshaft engine. The second engine not only added power, but gave the helicopter a higher probability of survival should one engine fail. As the H-2 began to see service in the Vietnam War, extensive armor around the cockpit was added as well as a minigun, for protection during combat search-and-rescue operations. With its new firepower and role, the UH-2Cs were re-designated HH-3Cs. A major addition to the helicopter's systems came in the years 1969-1970 with the addition of the LAMPS(Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System). The LAMPS package gave each helicopter new Marconi LN-66HP surveillance radar, ALR-66 passive radiation detection receivers, and the ASN-123 tactical navigation system operating in conjunction with the helicopters anti-submarine warfare(ASW) systems. Those systems are the ASQ-81(V)2 magnetic anomaly detector, ARR-75 sonobuoy receiver, ASA-26B sonobuoy recorder and AKT-22(V)6 sonobuoy datalink. Now that the helicopters main purpose had been defined as a sub-hunter, the HH-2C deesignation was changed to SH-2F. To improve on the SH-2F, larger fuel tanks were added that boost the helicopter's patrol endurance. This new version of the Seasprite s the SH-2G Super Seaprite. A number of SH-2Fs have been sold, along with U.S. Navy Frigates, to the Navies of Taiwan and Pakistan. The Seaprite is now being phased out of its duty as ship-borne helicopter, as it is being replaced by the Sikorski S-70B Seahawk.

Maximum Speed: 150 miles per hour
Service Ceiling: 22,500 feet
Range: 441 miles
Armament: up to two Mk 46 torpedoes, sonobuoys and eight Mk 25 marine smoke markers