Those were days that sidestepped my mind's grasp,
Twisting soapslicked like bathing pets in the moments before rinsing,
Adamant and yowling defiance at the thought of being contained
In any neat plastic shell of understanding
So that I could not say and be sure
this was the day

The day after which other days would slink by,
Cowed and dripping, with their fierceness quelled
And howls of outrage reduced to mewlings.

So that, looking back, I could only see
That here, just here, the struggle stretched out for years before me,
And there, the battle, being won, was lost,
And nothing but memory retained
Of days that commanded full involvement
And repaid halfheartedness with claws.
- Childhood Recollections.

It seemed like a good day for a visit with Mnemosyne.