Gemütlichkeit. Not something that fills my life ordinarily, but almost like Juan Ponce de Leon, I found a font and now see it slipping through my fingers just when I've become sure of its existence. It is she. She carries happiness and good will with her wherever she goes, and its aura without fail envelops any who have the good fortune to be near her. Would that I could reap such fortune for all my days.

Optativity will not make it so, however.

Orisons neither, though I could wish and pray that all those whom Providence places in her path not only benefit from it — and how could they not? — but appreciate the signal gift they are in receipt of.

Decamping a mere eight months after joining the company, she leaves each of us at once in the glow of the joy of having known her, and the sorrowful gloaming of her tenure here. Well I remember a day in her first week, the entire company gathered in one room, she almost as far from me as she could be, and holding hostage most of my contemplation for the duration. I, of course, as I am undesiredly wont, shied away for weeks and weeks before begetting my first word to her. Is there anything worse wasted than time?

Beautiful. Did I mention that she is beautiful? As much so as Helen, without the concomitant commotion. Quietly unassuming, considerate, respectful; and all with a magnetically irresistable smile.

Yonks will pass, and now will be yore, and in time the memory will no doubt fade, but her effect will continue to color my personality beyond then; and if the Universe is capable of caring, may all unknowingly work invisible benefaction on those who are important to me.

Eidolon only of her former presence, she'll leave behind a whisper of her ambiance, as no doubt she has hither and yon, while never even beginning to deplete the substance.

She stands apart from the statistical centroid of the masses of men, and the gravitation that attracts me to her is easily identified as separate from the sum of that propagating from the preponderant population. The sparsity of the space through which we both travel can cause us to take notice one of the other, even though we be at permanent apoapsis.

Alumna of AdECN, I bid you adieu and bon chance in your new home.

Repine at your resignation, though reasonable, must be resisted!

Absit omen, one might mutter, but must follow it with Qué será será if one is to keep his peace with Fate.

Hysteron proteron can be desired when you see through the spectacles of hindsight, that of necessity are only provided you too late, the initiative you coulda shoulda taken; but alas, the cart remains stubbornly behind the horse, or the whole show just doesn't work. So I can only conclude by telling you, it was a pleasure working with you and anticipating coming to know you better.