Jeder Mensch ist ein Ausländer - fast überall

Everybody is a foreigner - nearly everywhere
This is a slogan of the Anti-racist movement in germany and, as i believe, nearly everywhere in the world.
As neo-nacism starts becoming a problem again in germany, as a result of the bad economy especially in the ex-DDR, many teens see no future, so some go punk, most go nazi, it is important that many people solidarise against right-wing tendencies. I know, in the USA its under protection of the first amandement (sp.?) to tell everyone to kill all blacks/jews/catholics/whatsoevers. In germany with its nazi past, this would cause a worldwide scandal. AND, most of all, it is not my problem if some dumb asshole thinks that it is the fault of the turkish McDonalds-employee that ha has no job, not caring he would never work for McD., cause of the low wages and bad hours.
But, it becomes a problem for everyone if people get killed and their houses burned down because of racial hate.
And this is not protected yb any rights in any confessions. So, everybody, confess:

Ich bin ein Ausländer -fast überall!