I don't tend to write stuff like this but I've got some really good news so I wanted to share it with you guys :) Today my Boyfriend finally, after many disilusions, was told he got the job he wanted in the same city I'm studying at. He's going to be working whilst doing a PhD (in something to do with {paralel systems] and distributed computing???) which he really wanted to do. Hurrah! After an almost 2 year long distance relationship we finally get to live in the same country and the same town. Not only that but he's going to be buying the cottage we both wanted so we'll be able to move in together in a couple of months.

Im really excited so to celebrate I've bought some bottles of wine to share with my friends, seeing as he's obviously not here, and we are puting on our posh frocks (well for the ladies at least) and we are going out celebrating.

To top things off the war is almost over so every one is much happier :)

Oh and the term finishes on Friday, which is good as I've had a really stressful couple of weeks with orals, exams and papers due in. So I get to go home for a week for the first time this year :)