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i supose i would have to say romance languages.
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About me: I'm now 21 years old and have a tattoo of a flower which budists believe sends evil spirits away which sounds good to me. I tend to share my time between North Wales and Gibraltar and even occasionaly Northern England. But have been known to reside in Southern France and Northern Italy in the past, as I tend to travel around. I'm still at University (which is why I spend alot of time in North Wales) studying Modern Languages. It's not bad and I get to travel around because of it. Languages: I speak both English and Spanish natively as I'm Gibraltarian (even though my spelling doesn't reflect it). My French and Italian are quite fluent but my German sucks, but i'm working on it. I'd really like to learn Catalan, and maybe even Greek. :)

What I do in my spare time Well as you've probably guessed I like travelling, even though I'm fed up of planes and trains and the sort. But it's good to get away every now and then especially if you get to go somewhere new and exciting. I like Swimming and I sometimes get dragged up the ocasional mountain, but I don't mind it if it's for Geocaching coz that's quite fun :)

How did I find E2: I was introduced to it by my boyfriend (a geek) who found this via slashdot. He doesn't actually node. I havn't really met anybody from E2 yet but who knows that could change soon :) If you want to contact me you could do that at : Things I will eventually get round to writing about. Catalan Bay Avventure in Africa Llanberis Great Siege Tunels