Yesterday was my 21st birthday. For most turning 21 is hugely important but IMHO it's just another year. birthdays seem to be becoming less and less important to me. When I was younger the weeks leading up to the day would be spent deciding what I wanted for my birthday and how I wanted to celebrate the "special day".

This year I celebrated my birthday by sharing a Chinese takeaway and a nice bottle of red with my partner in our new home. I know it might sound boring to some but it was a relaxing evening and neither of us had to cook. Before getting the takeaway we went swimming in a lake called Clyn Idwal by Crib Goch in North Wales. It was absolutely freezing but extremely refreshing and revitalizing after a long day at work and the walk up. It was quite nice just to look up and be surrounded by mountains.

Even though it was a quiet day I did enjoy myself and I'll probably do something on Saturday night with the few friends that are left here now that the semester has ended and the exams are over. I'm not really fussed, I suppose it must have something to do with my getting older and realizing that it's not that big a deal. Thats quite ironic really isn't it? If it wasn't a big deal then why am I writing about it.

Every year around my Birthday I also reflect over the past years and how my life has changed. So far all the big changes that have occurred this year indicate my growing up and becoming an adult, scary word. I've moved in with my boyfriend, I have an official job 9 until 5:30 and I'm living far far away from home. Well I suppose it's a good thing over all. Well I apologize if I've bored you but I like putting my thoughts down on paper and I thought this would be a good place to store them. Thank you.