Its a big, dirty, lawless city. You probably don't have any good reason to go there unless you are looking to save some money or do something that would be illegal in the United States. Be prepared to see appalling displays of poverty.

TJ Travel Tips
  • If you need a hotel, San Ysidro or take the trolly down from San Diego.
  • If you drive across the border, get Mexican car insurance. There are drive through insurance sales places all over San Ysidro. The traffic is crazy.
  • You can cross the border far more quickly on your way out by renting a bike.
  • There are 24 hour parking lots that cost from five to seven dollars, you can take a shuttle from there into the tourist part of Mexico. Mexicoach is one of the best, and it only costs a dollar and a half each way.
  • Expect lots of high pressure salesmen to approach you. Don't ever let them lead you anywhere. They will probably not rob you, but they may put you in a position that it will be hard to back out of without spending money.
  • Don't expect to find a working ATM. There are some ATMs that take US ATM cards.
  • Taxis are cheap, use them rather than walking through bad parts of town.
  • There is no donkey show.
  • If you do want to go to a trashy bar in the Zona Norte, only go to Adelitas or Chicago Club.
  • Guns are VERY illegal in Mexico. Do not bring one across the border with you. Bringing one might actually land you in a Mexican jail.
Reasons to go to TJ
  • The whole city is like one big dirty Pier 1 imports.
  • You want to buy prescription drugs. There is a pharmacy on every block there.
  • You want to go to the Zona Norte, the red light district.
  • You are passing through on your way to a nicer part of Baja Califonia.
  • You want to test your Spanish speaking skills.
  • You want to drink underage or go to clubs.
Points of Interest Other Information
  • There are Internet caf├ęs in TJ
  • There are a Greyhound station and a San Diego trolley Station right at the border crossing station on the US side.
  • There is at least one Western Union on Constitution Avenue