So, we're finally back on the 'net. 5 days without internet service really got me to thinking. Top it off with the a/c in the house has died and we'll be the rest of the summer living with no relief from the sweltering humidity. Well, you can see how the brain would definitely over-react and cause me to think much harder than I should.

I think back to the days before I even realized there were computers... well, before I realized there was such thing as a PC, I should say. It seems I've always known about computers. I took a class in high school (oh so very many years ago) and learned all about punch cards and the like.

But I digress. PCs are such a common thing now, and internet access falls into pretty much the same category. We went out of town for a few days and I felt almost disconnected from the world. Then returned home to have our cable modem die the next day. Disconnection is scarey! What did I ever do when I didn't have the ability to hop on and chat with people I know, people I've never met, and even people I don't like?

It was towards the end of my single parent years that I first got connected. I hocked my tush to purchase a computer on credit gasp. I discovered a local BBS and entered a world I hadn't realized I needed so much! My modem was slower than a turtle, and while I was a whiz in the work place I found I knew nothing about PCs. With the promise of a home cooked meal to a group of single geeks I managed to get colored text! It was great (the advent of some very wonderful relationships and my marraige).

My kids are spoiled rotten. They each have their own computers. Oh, they're not the fastest or bestest around, but for teenagers it's better than sharing with MOM. Hubby and I each have our own, plus lap tops. Add the Idiot Box that's connected via wireless to our home network on the TV (complete with music piped through the surround sound). With no training and only my books (I'm a resource material collector) they have managed to put up their own websites, learned the basics in CGI, and my oldest has even started transferring her artwork to the computer to alter as she sees fit.

It's a wonderful world we live in. The ability to research, chat, or play with millions around the world can be staggering if one gives it too much thought. It becomes even more staggering when one realizes how much we have come to rely on this ability. I, for one, will try not to forget just how lucky I am to have the world at my fingertips. I miss it too much when it's gone!