Fight for your right to party!
Kill noders on the fields of glory!
Many other features!

Go to Halls of Valhalla. Choose a side. Click the button. Kill your enemies.

Really that’s all there is too it. This little game, created by kthejoker is the newest E2 sensation. It came about just after 12:00 server time on April 1st. It is yet to be seen if the game will be extant after the 1st or if it will only make occasional reappearances.

Like the Wheel of Surprise it takes XP to play and like the Wheel of Surprise XP goes fast. It takes 10 XP to sign up to either the HEROES or the VILLAINS usergroup. The heroes and villains have the choice of attacking specific members on the other team by spending 1 XP or attacking random members for free. These functions are also available in the chatterbox by typing “/strike USER” or “/strike random”. You start out with 200 Health and each time you are struck you go down a small amount. Each time you strike, you take your target down a small amount. The amount is based off of some sort of voodoo math that kthejoker cooked up involving your user level and number of people you have killed and maybe some other things.

Other features include items which you get by killing other noders and “boss” characters, the only one of which we’ve seen has been kthejoker himself. There’s also a rumored “super weapon”….

Items seen so far:

jessicapierce: A piercing barb.
asamoth: A blank and impenetrable shield.
thefez: A mystical fez that spouts Confusion spells.
ching of death: Doom. In C! form.
jet-poop: A knapsack of destruction.

This node subject to change. kthejoker is making changes to the game as he goes and XP, HP, and other stats may change quickly and without warning.