The brain of an animal (i.e. person) cannot possibly process every bit of sensory information that is coming to them at any given instant without an AMAZING waste of processing power.

Thus, only things that are immediately recognized as in some minute way relevant to survival, loss, or gain, or in civilized culture possibly something one would like to observe, actually are noticed.

Not an inherently sanity-perserving device, however maintaining sanity may well be a peripheral function of this tendency of the brain.

An S.E.P. field is an artificially created field of some type or another, projected on or around an object/event to obscure it. Works by triggering, or slipping under the tendency explained above, and causing an observer to simply not notice it, or mentally "write it off", for the same reason one doesn't notice that gravity is still working, or that one has bone's in ones body. Or less idealistically and more realistically, that the car across the street has its windows open and a storm is-a-brewin'.

In theory, one under the influence of certain types of Psychedelic drugs would be much less prone to be affected by an S.E.P. field.