When: 19:00 (7pm) Friday 1st April, 2005
Where: The Bridge of Remembrance on Oxford Terrace, Christchurch, New Zealand
What: Drinks/dinner at one of the riverside cafes and afterward wherever whim take us.

Prompted mostly by being in this country for a while and there apparently being a handful of shy noders around, quite forcibly prodded with motivation by Heisenberg who had better turn up.

Definite attendees:

  • BlackPawn (the furriner)
  • Heisenberg all the way from Oamaru (from 20:00)
  • Fruan,a local!
  • Maybes:

    Got better things to do:

  • Posmella is one of the aforementioned indigenous, shy noders
  • Fruan gave into an attack of shyness and cancelled at the last minute.

  • Obligatory meta-node link: E2 Gatherings