The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is the actual title of the place to which this node refers.

The Hall is located in scenic Cooperstown, New York (which is in the central region of the state). It was dedicated in 1939.

It's quite large and one can easily spend a whole day inside. There's numerous exhibits, as well as plaques of all inductees.

Hall of Fame Weekend occurs sometime in July or August, when the actual inductions of new members in the Hall takes place. One of my favorite memories of my childhood was being on the streets of Cooperstown during Hall of Fame Weekend and getting all these autographs of former New York Yankees that my father had seen play in his youth.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Cooperstown has become more commercialized. While the whole town is really a tourist site to begin with, everything's become a bit more expensive and there's more "tourist traps". The town (which is located on Lake Otsego) used to be more quaint and friendly (gosh, I'm sounding like my father now...)

For more info (including hours and cost), the official website is