A Windows program developed by H+H Software, which gives the user the ability to mount a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM to the hardrive. The program workds as giantfish mentioned above, using a SCSI Host to emulate a SCSI CD-ROM Drive. It allows you to mount as many drives as you want, using the letters A-Z (assuming none are already taken). It is, however, different to the above method as this program uses compression to make the file smaller. A 750 MB CD is compressed down to around 100 MB.

Also, this program installs software that makes the virtual drive much like a real drive. For each CD you copy to your hardrive, you can then right click the virtual drive (in my case F:) in My Computer, Explorer, etc. and it gives you the option: Insert a Virtual CD (with three sub-categories, Games, DVDs and Audio). This makes the mounting process as simple as possible and means that people with little to no experience in mounting can use this program to make it as easy as inserting a real CD.

You can find Virtual CD v4.0 at: http://www.virtualcd-online.de/vcd/apps/download/spack.cfm?lg=0