Well, well… another E2 gathering and another E2 gathering write up.


For the HOTDAMN gathering, the great one had to talk me into going. Now, it’s my turn!

Here are the top ten reasons why you should attend Revenge of Nature Trail to Hell (in 3-D): A Very Appalachian E2 Gathering... OF DOOM! at Czeano’s cabin in the woods.

10.   You’ll have something new to node!
9.     Czeano will be recruiting citizens for Czeanistan.
8.     To be in touch with nature.
6.     Hiking and frolicking in fresh mountain springs.
5.     Becca makes a mean cookie.
4.     You’ll become a card carrying member when you come.
3.     It’s a cabin in the woods with alcohol and noders! What else do you need???
2.     Noders are cool as hell!
1.     Okay, okay… I’ve got your reason… right here!

My Offerings:

Need a ride? I will be living in North Carolina by the time of the gathering!!! I can pick people up from the airport (Charlotte, NC has a big airport) and return them safely. Just talk to me about the times first!

Yeah, and like czeano said:
Conserve Water: Shower in Pairs!