In three weeks time I will be leaving secondary school. Although I already have a place at a university, I, like thousands of other British students, am taking a year out before university. For most of this year (actually closer to 14 months) I will be working. But I will be spending about four/five months travelling over Summer 2004.

This is where you can help. I need to plan where I am going soon, so I know how much money I'll be spending, can book tickets early etc. All I know at the moment is that I want to take a round the world ticket stopping in at the least China (SARS allowing) and Peru (for the Inca Trail). Other possible destinations include Tokyo, Bangkok (or some other location in Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam) and somewhere in America (my current opinion is wavering between New York or trying to get to Burning Man).

I would like to hear suggestions from travellers on e2 as to where to go and what to do. As you can see, my plan is fairly vague, so I'm interested in pretty much any suggestion, but I'm looking for things that you are less well known, I don't need to be told about the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China, for instance. Suggestions that I actually take up could well receive a postcard or a similar token of thanks, depending on what happens. At the moment I'm mainly looking at big suggestions that will help make up my mind as to where to go, things like "you should go to <insert location here> and such to see <insert attraction here>" and any more information you have, as opposed to specific restaurants or hotels, although these will become increasingly useful as the specificity of my plans increases.

My itinery will be updated on my homenode as things develop.