Scourge is the 29th expansion set for Magic: The Gathering, and is the third and final expansion in the Onslaught block. The expansion symbol is the head of a dragon. The plotline deals with the creation of an immensely powerful entity… Karona, formed from a synthesis of Phage the Untouchable and Akroma, Angel of Wrath, the havoc that she wreaks, and what Kamhal, holder of the Mirari, does to end the conflict.

Scourge features two new mechanics: Storm, which, in essence, copies the spell that you play multiple times depending on how many spells were played prior to it on the same turn, and landcycle, which allows you to play the landcycle cost of the spell, search your library for a basic land, and put it into play, tapped.

As a set, Scourge promises to include some of the biggest, nastiest creatures ever included in a Magic: The Gathering expansion, albeit at some of the highest mana costs for cards seen either.