A computer game for the Sinclair Spectrum, released in 1986 by Hewson Consultants and programmed by Steve Turner (who produced the code, graphics and music on his own). It cost £8.95.

It was essentially the Spectrum conversion of 'Paradroid', utilising the same gameplay - the player controlled a robot which could capture other robots and assume their powers, via a clever puzzle game - but with isometric, 'Marble Madness'-esque 3D graphics instead of a simple top-down view. Whilst Paradroid was set on a spaceship, Quazatron took place in a cityscape divided into several 'floors'. Nonetheless the gameplay was preserved intact, although with the addition of large falls which could disable your droid. Thankfully it retained Paradroid's entertaining 'takeover game', in which your robot fired beams at a circuit in order to assume control of an enemy robot.

It was followed by a sequel in 1988 entitled 'Magnetron', which was substantially the same game, with some new weapons and a different 'takeover game'. Turner's next game was 'Ranarama', which was essentially 'Paradroid' crossed with 'Gauntlet', but with a frog, and runes.