In a node not far from here, TheLady began talking about geeks not wanting women to obtain knowledge. This caused me to think that perhaps feminists don't realize the enormous commonality they have with geeks.

Feminists state (correctly) that women have frequently and severely been mistreated for irrational reasons. They have been mistreated for merely being women. Consider this, feminists: we geeks have likewise been attacked (in the most frightening way possible, namely, we have been vitally wounded on foundational psychological levels) for irrational reasons (we seek to understand the universe in all ways). We are seeking to understand, and what we receive is psychological (sometimes physical) torture. We are told that we don't deserve love or sex*. Neither, they tell us repeatedly, are we really human; we are shunned from human society. All of this, merely because we like to think and ponder--merely because we are curious. This kind of "mind-abuse" is far worse than any physical abuse. If someone is physically abused, they still have their own mind to retreat to.

Feminists need to consider that we geeks are human beings, feelings and all, that need other humans. We are, in short, just like you. Also like you, we have suffered greatly. If you, as feminists, are concerned about mistreatment, please take pity on the suffering of other groups and fight for better treatment of all people. We are neither your oppressors nor your enemies. Rather, we are the oppressed. Think about this for a little bit. Thank you for listening to my ramblings.

* Before you get upset, remember that, for most people, sex is a basic human need--without it, most people will lose psychological stability. Although not understandable to those who do not need sex (which could be you, dear reader), lack of sexual expression is devastating to the human psyche. God made us with sexual needs. I am not, however, talking about the predatory sexual behaviors of many men, nor am I talking about lust. I am referring to the use of sex as the mutual expression of deep and abiding love between a man and a woman. If you are a feminist, at least consider the possibilty that sex can be used properly.

At any rate, this little article is not about sex. It is about the mistreatment of a segment of society.