Balance of power is what we no longer have in the US government. The Constitution originally laid out an elegant and balanced system of government under which no one division of government could gain too much power. For example, the legislative branch needed the executive branch for approval of legislation. Both branches needed the judicial branch to rule on legislation. There was balanced interdependence of the parts of government. This is still the case to some degree; however, "innovations" like executive orders have allowed too much power to be transferred to the President. Furthermore, the practice of judicial review has been stretched to absurd proportions; the judiciary (primarily the Supreme Court) has been changing the law unofficially by means of this practice.

Balance of power has been greatly lost in other ways as well. For example, a major cause for the writing of the Constitution was that the states were too independent under the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution set about to fix this by creating a stronger central government to balance the power of the state governments. Now, balance has shifted extremely far in the other direction. I would guess that somewhere around two-thirds of what the central government does is out of their proper jurisdiction.