My third favorite anime, behind Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. It also follows that sort of space cowboy trend.

Currently (as of time of writing) is shown on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Action on Saturday nights. I believe it's current time slot is 1:30AM Eastern time. It is to be noted however, that Cartoon Network is showing an edited version of the show.

The series is available at DVD, most likely at your local Suncoast or on Amazon. A box set has also been recently produced.

Episode Guide:

  • 1: Outlaw World-First appearance of Gene Starwind, Jim Hawking, Hot Ice Hilda, and Melfina.
  • 2: Star of Desire
  • 3: Into Burning Space-First appearance of Aisha.
  • 4: When the Hot Ice Melts-Introduction of the Outlaw Star and Gilliam.
  • 5: The Beast Girl Ready to Pounce!
  • 6: The Beautiful Assassin-Introduction of Suzuka and Fred Lou.
  • 7: Creeping Evil
  • 8: Forced Departure
  • 9: A Journey of Adventure! Huh?
  • 10: Gathering for the Space Race
  • 11: Adrift in Subspace
  • 12: Mortal Combat with the El Dorado
  • 13: Advanced Guard from an Alien World
  • 14: Final Countdown
  • 15: The Seven Emerge
  • 16: Demon of the Water Planet
  • 17: Between Life and Machine
  • 18: The Strongest Woman in the Universe-The first time you actually see Aisha use her transformation, despite her constant bragging about it.
  • 19: Law and Lawlessness
  • 20: Cats and Girls and Spaceships
  • 21: Grave of the Dragon
  • 22: Gravity Jailbreak
  • 23: Hot Springs Planet Tenrei-This episode was not shown on Cartoon Network due to nudity, but suprisingly it does have relevance to the plot; it gives the origin of the Caster weapons and shells.
  • 24: Cutting the Galactic Leyline
  • 25: Maze of Despair
  • 26: Return to Space

    There is also rumor of an Outlaw Star 2 beginning this fall in Japan through something called Ultra Jump.