I'm a big cat person. I tend to believe that cats make better pets than dogs. Wanna know why?

...I'm going to tell you anyway...

  1. Cats respect your personal space. They do not jump on you when they're obviously not welcome.
  2. Cats come with built-in potty-training. You don't have to teach them to respect the carpet.. they just do.
  3. Cats don't yowl at the moon, the doorbell, the sound of other cats, or the garage door opener.
  4. Cats tend to keep their stank-ass breath out of your face.
  5. Cats don't get all worked up if you leave them alone for a few days.
  6. Cats don't take shit from people. They have strong personalities.
  7. Cats are small enough to share the bed with, even if you've got somebody else there with you.
Go Cats!