is a wonderful website devoted to exposing all that is stupid, wrong, tasteless, ill-conceived, or otherwise awful. Administered by Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka, a professional video game reviewer from California, the site is updated daily. Its content includes fictitious, "The Onion"-style articles dealing with the terrible state of affairs of the computing industry, reviews of disgustingly bad movies and video games, and a large collection of pranks played on stupid people on ICQ, spammers, and other completely useless people. Even better, presents readers with an "Awful Link of the Day," usually sent in by alert readers, which demonstrates just how clueless some people are about web design.

This site also hosts the 3r33t 4ax0r JeffK, who is arguably one of the greatest satirists of our generation.

This site is a must for the seasoned cynic, as well as those who're just starting to realize that the world is full of people who really, really should not be allowed to reproduce.