An important addition which needs to be made to this list of lawn-bound nightmare fuel is the Yard Butt. They're not extremely common, so I will describe to you the horror that is the Yard Butt. Yard Butts are large pieces of cardboard which are shaped and painted to resemble the legs and posterior of an ordinary human being. Assuming, that is, you categorize people who wear overalls or pink dresses with white polka-dots under "ordinary." People place Yard Butts in front ot flower beds, hedgerows, or vegetable gardens, facing traffic, so that it appears that there is a large ass on legs standing in their yard. These lawn creatures are perhaps not as piercingly horrifying as lawn gnomes, but the general malaise of deep-seated insanity that they emit is arguably just as effective.

If you own a Yard Butt, I pity you and hope that you die quickly. However, before that happens, play a fun prank by putting your Yard Butt in the way of oncoming traffic. Now, sit back and watch the fun!