Dale Brown is a bombadier turned author, and has written bunches of books, usually involving advanced aerospace technology. His books include Flight of the Old Dog (1987), Silver Tower (1988), Day of the Cheetah (1989), Hammerheads (1990), Sky Masters (1991), Night of the Hawk (1992), Chains of Command (1993), Storming Heaven (1994), Shadows of Steel (1996), Fatal Terrain (1997), and The Tin Man (1998).

If you're a military technology buff like me, you'll probably enjoy most of Brown's novels, but I wouldn't recommend many of his later works. His career as a writer has suffered ever since the Cold War ended. He seems to have been so used to writing about evil Commie Soviets and Chinese bastards that he doesn't know what to do about today's political climate.

Another strike against him is that his books seem to follow a very predictable formula: Evil Commie Soviet Nazi Chinese Bastards start dropping nuclear bombs on things and it's up to the big hero, Patrick Machlanahan to save the world with his array of highly classified experimental aircraft and weapons.

I won't go so far as to pan his books, though. I really enjoyed some of his work, especially his first book, Flight of the Old Dog, and Night of the Hawk where he takes on more of a Tom Clancy approach with a lot more commando narrative.

My advice is if you like high-tech fiction, definitely give 'ol Dale a try.