Street Sense

"...all elements of your enemy’s strengths must be considered ...
concentrating on one weakness; known as ‘hyper-focus’, must be avoided."

Although the chess sets and the statues of stone lions are oversized, some people get bigger when they play on these pink and grey paving stones. Derek looked like he’d ‘been cared for’, you know; clean grey tracksuit and white trainers, he was the kind of person we automatically ignore. Anywhere else and he would be a nobody, but when he was in that square Derek was the king.

"When we did mock ‘stab and runknife attacks on 85 trained police officers
only 3 saw a knife and only 10 responded correctly ... 72 out of 85 would have died."1

He used to joke around; sometimes he wrote down the last few turns and handed them to someone in the audience so they could move the pieces into mate. He thought he could afford to take the mickey. He always took the mickey.

"Mr Jonathan Mathews was arrested to-day in connection with the murder of Derek Hynes which took place five years ago in Leeds city centre. Mathews, Britain’s youngest ever Grandmaster, was travelling to Stuttgart to compete in the World Chess Championship Finals when he was detained at Heathrow ..."2

1 This is a statistic taken from a genuine experiment.

2 Plenty of people have died over a game of chess! See!

If you are really interested this is the guy I am talking about, he is quite a character, but I’m not sure if he is called Derek, and he hasn’t been murdered. Apart from that it’s all true.