Today was strange, no kidding. School went by as normal... or as normal as it can be after something like this. But after school I was on my way to Tower Records to get the new Bob Dylan album. On the way there, it started to rain. The sun was still shining, the rain clouds had not blocked it out. This isn't something that had never happened before, but it's still always strange. The rain drop were cold, like winter drops, in the 100+ degree Arizona weather. They would evaporate literally seconds after hitting the ground.

I got the album, the Limited Edition one, with an extra disc which has "I Was Young When I Left Home" and an alternate version of "The Times, They Are A-Changin'"

We listened to "The Times They Are A-Changin'" as we pulled into another plaza, but left the player running as we got out of the car. There were two rainbows out, one right above the other and slightly faded, the other one bright as anything. We stared at them as Dylan played in the background.

The lyrics have stayed with me all day. It was just one of those perfect melancholy moments.

Listen to the song or read the lyrics to it. How fitting.